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Can Bodyline Dents Be Fixed?

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Can Bodyline Dents Be Fixed?

Reliability is something every car buyer looks for from their chosen vehicle. Luckily, Toyota is a brand that is built on reliability as well as durability. However, every car is susceptible to being damaged and that is something every owner must prepare for. For this repair, a customer had us take a look at their Toyota Camry with some damage to the quarter panel. At Premium Dent Repair, we strive to bring reliability and durability to every customer that reaches out to us and that is exactly what we did here.

Under the PDR lights, we can see that the dent is rather deep and has left a sharp dent on the panel – just above the wheel. We start the repair by knocking down the extended damage around the dent. This is done to make the work area flatter and easier to push. Given the location of the dent, we had all the access we needed through the wheel well. We could easily get our push rods under the quarter panel and gradually push the dent out. Along with pushing, we blended the metal around the dent using a knockdown and a blending hammer. Since the metal around the wheel well is thicker, we had to use some heat to make the metal a bit more maneuverable. Once the metal was heated, the pushrods could easily get the remaining damage out and with a few more taps from the blending hammer, the panel was back to looking as good as new.

This repair job was the perfect opportunity to showcase how paintless dent repair can get all kinds of dent-related damage out without needing to repaint or replace the entire panel. When compared to traditional body shop repairs, PDR is far more cost-effective, faster, and convenient.