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Dent On Bodyline! Can It Be Fixed?

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Dent On Bodyline! Can It Be Fixed?

“Sometimes even the strongest break” is a quote most of us would have heard at some point in our lives. Usually, it would apply to a mentally or physically strong person going through a difficult period causing them to behave in the opposite way that they would normally. However, today we will be looking at that line in a very literal way.

Most people would consider SUVs as the toughest, most-durable vehicles out there, right? Even though that might be true, they are not shielded from the mundane things that can damage any other car. Things like falling branches, runaway shopping carts, and even hail can cause as much damage to an SUV as they can to hatchbacks or sedans. Here is where Premium Dent Repair comes in. We are a Paintless Dent Repair team that can handle pretty much anything you can throw at us.

In this case, a customer had us take a look at their Honda CR-V which had a dent in the body line of the quarter panel – just below the gas cap. The dent itself was not big but we had to remove some components to gain access and complete the repair. The first thing we did was disconnect the taillight electronics and remove the fixture completely. This allowed us to get our push rods under the quarter panel and work on the metal from inside. We also lifted the tailgate to get added leverage without damaging anything else.

Along with the push rods, we used a knockdown and a blending hammer to evenly get all the damage out. As you can probably tell, with the help of the PDR lights, the dent was quite sharp and required a number of repetitive pushes and knockdowns. Eventually, we were able to get the panel back to its original state and the customer was more than impressed.

With Paintless Dent Repair, you do not have to spend loads of cash to get a small dent like this out. Where traditional body shops look to repaint the entire panel and blend it into the surrounding panels, PDR ensures that the original paintwork is maintained on the vehicle. PDR is not only better for your car’s appreciation, it is a faster and affordable method of getting any kind of dent or ding out so that your car always looks its best.