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Efficient and Quick: get your dent removed easily

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is the service that Premium Dent Repair was the first company to provide to customers, and as a result, they are now considered an industry leader. Because we have successfully eliminated millions of hail dents, minor dents, and door dings, traditional body shop procedures for repairing minor dents are no longer necessary. Our one-of-a-kind paintless auto dent removal service is unparalleled in its effectiveness.

Our Special Service Options for You

1. Same day Removal

Want it right away? Great! You can usually pick up your vehicle the very next business day with our guaranteed removal service.

2. Low Cost

Our Paintless auto dent removal service is a cost-effective solution for removing minor dents and dings in your vehicle compared to other auto body restoration methods.

3. Paint free removal

Our Paintless dent removal mobile service experts have extensive knowledge and are able to perform all removals using just basic hand tools. We rely on other methods to restore panels and avoid using body filler or paint.

Our Service Benefits

1. Safer, Less Polluting Option

Our environmentally friendly approach to auto body restoration involves reshaping the car’s original body panels to conceal the damage. When it comes to our automobiles, we never use paint or body filler.

2. Promise Of Complete Satisfaction

Premium Dent Repair guarantees that all metal sculptures will be finished to the full satisfaction of our clients. This guarantee makes us the most trustworthy removal facility for vehicles.

3. Best Use of Technology

One particular use of our auto dent removal service technology is in repairing the outside panels of a car using procedures that are as kind as possible on the natural environment.

4. Efficient Dent Removal

The initial stage in paintless dent removal is gaining access to the dent’s backside. The dent technician will choose an instrument from the large array of sizes, shapes, and intensities of specialist equipment available to massage the dent.

5. Door Ding Solutions

The first step in fixing a door ding is to polish off any impact marks on the dent. This is done so that the depression may be massaged out with a clear view of the painted surface.

6. Hail Removal

Hail is most likely to cause damage to a car’s horizontal panels, including the hood, roof, trunk, tops of the front fenders, and tops of the rear quarter panels.

Why Choose Us?

Premium Dent Repair has restored tens of thousands of vehicles for private clients, car lots, insurance companies, and shops that specialize in auto dent removal services due to hail and other forms of physical damage. Our excellent reputation has led to many requests for our assistance from local, national, and international hail removal businesses and specialists. You can rely on us to do an excellent job.

Take Easy Quotes from Us

Just like no two dents are the same, no two car manufacturers or models use the same ways of building their vehicles. Sharpness, paint damage, overall size, previous collision work, accessibility to the damaged region, and whether it is made of mild steel, high-strength steel, or an aluminum alloy are all considered when determining whether or not the damage can be repaired.


When removing a dent, how long does the process typically take?

Removal of dents with traditional methods might take from two days up to two weeks, depending on the extent of the damage. If the dents are tiny enough and the damage satisfies certain conditions, paintless dent restoration may be completed in as little as an hour. Dent repair on a vehicle may range in time from a few hours to a number of weeks, depending on the damage. However, presently there are even same-day services available.

How is it possible to get dents out of a car?

To begin, position the hairdryer so that the dent is about six inches away and heat it for around thirty seconds. The next step is to cover the dent with aluminum foil and use dry ice to smooth it out. The dent should pop out of the surface within a minute or two after the temperature change. Water may also be cooled in the traditional way, by boiling it. Our paintless dent removal mobile service experts are experts in it.

How efficient are tools designed to extract dents?

How effective can they be in reality? Dent pullers can be very effective for shallow dents that are located on a flat and flexible surface and can often be easily removed by hand. These techniques have the potential to improve the appearance of dents in automobiles significantly. While complete removal may not be guaranteed, it’s still worth trying them out. Dents that are not too deep, too angular, or too close to the bodywork’s edges can be easily fixed with DIY dent pullers.

Is it simple to get dents out of cars?

Front and rear bumpers are the most common locations for plastic bumper dents. Dents, even large ones, can usually be fixed at home with some heat and some old-fashioned elbow grease. To fix a dent in plastic, you’ll need to follow these steps: Get the dent hot enough to touch by blasting it with a hairdryer.