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Do you have dents on your Porsche? Lets fix them!

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Do you have dents on your Porsche? Lets fix them!

If you go around asking people what their dream car is, more often than not, you will have the name Porsche pop up. The sports car brand is popular all over the world and owning one of their cars is a dream for most car enthusiasts. Now imagine you have your dream Porsche car and find it covered in dents. Would you still drive around in it or get it fixed first?

There are two options to get a dented car fixed – traditional body shop or PDR. When it comes to exotic cars like Porsche, owners tend to trust the brand’s recommended body shop for their repairs. While this is the best way to get your dented car back to its original state, it can be extremely expensive. The other body shop option is to take it to your local guy and have them remove the damage for a lower price. Here is where your Porsche depreciates drastically. Traditional body shops remove the damaged panels, get the dents out, repaint the panel, and then blend the color of the panel with the rest of the car.

With the other repair method – Paintless Dent Repair – you don’t have to worry about your Porsche losing any value. At Premium Dent Repair, we make sure that the original paint on your car is kept intact while we remove 100% of the damage.

For this repair, a customer asked us to take a look at their Porsche Boxster S which had a couple of dents on the quarter panel. Luckily, the dents were not very big and were not too deep. With the help of the PDR lights, we could clearly see what we had to do and got to it quickly. After cleaning the surface, we had to remove the taillight to gain access to the underside of the damaged quarter panel.

We started out by pushing up on the metal slowly with our push rods. To make the metal easier to work with, we had to add heat to the damaged area with a blow torch. This trick doesn’t cause any harm to the car or the paint as long as you know what you’re doing.

The heated metal makes it easier to push and reduces the risk of cracking the paint. As you can see, after warming up the panel, the dent was easily taken out. All we had to do was buff and polish the panel and hand the car back to the customer – that’s why PDR is the better option when it comes to removing dents from a vehicle.