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Massive Crease On Honda Odyssey How Did We Fix It?

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Massive Crease On Honda Odyssey

Massive Crease On Honda Odyssey How Did We Fix It?

Dents come in all sizes and we at Premium Dent Repair are trained and equipped to take on anything you can throw at us. With all the latest tools and techniques, we ensure that your car is restored to its original look in no time. Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is the only choice for you when it comes to dents, dings, and creases on your car because not only is it’s quick and cost-effective, but it also retains the original paintwork so that your car’s value does not depreciate.

We had a customer drop off their Honda Odyssey SUV with a massive crease dent on the tailgate. Although you don’t really need it, the PDR lights showcase the extent of the damage and we knew we would have our hands full for this repair.

The first thing we always do is clean the surface so that our tools and equipment work efficiently. Being a large dent, we had to start off the repair with glue-pulling. Using some hot glue, a Centipede crease tab, and a leverage bar, we were able to get rid of the majority of the damage. Although we had to repeat the process a few times, it is faster and easier to use glue-pulling for larger dents.

Once we had the damage pulled out, we had to work on the details using a blending hammer and a knockdown to knock the metal back in place. Next, we opened up the tailgate to gain access to the underside of the panel and push the metal up using push rods and different tips on them. This allows us to get the minor damage out and fine-tune the repair process so that the panel looks just as good as new. We had to continue with pushing and blending till everything looked good. Lastly, we buffed and polished the panel and got the car back to the customer.

As you can tell from the before and after shots, paintless dent repair can be used for all types of dents – big or small. Traditional body shops would have had to either remove the tailgate and repaint it after repairing the crease or replace the panel entirely. PDR is cost-effective and usually only takes a couple of hours whereas traditional body shops would have you leave the car in the shop for days/weeks depending on the severity of the damage. PDR is the go-to option for all dent-related damage and we at Premium Dent Repair know how to get the job done.