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Nasty Mustang Bodyline Dent! Can We Fix It?

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Nasty Mustang Bodyline Dent! Can We Fix It?

There might only be a handful of people who are perfectly fine with a dent in their car and go about their day like it’s nothing. Car owners who are concerned go out of their way to avoid damaging their vehicles. We at Premium Dent Repair are here to offer our services to anyone who wants it. Our Paintless Dent Repair team is more than capable of taking on all kinds of damage from light hail to big smashes. Whether it’s an old station wagon or a brand new Lamborghini, we ensure that we give you the best results every time.

In this repair, we had a customer drop in their Ford Mustang with a nasty dent on the body line of the driver-side door. The dent was quite low and the PDR lights gave us a clear picture of where the damage sat. As you can tell, the Mustang has very sharp body lines which made the repair just a bit tougher. We knew that we had to get the damage out completely before we could give the panel its sharp look once again.

Kicking things off, we had to use a blending hammer to straighten out the surrounding damage. This allows us to get a flatter surface to work with. After cleaning the panel off, we then used pull-tabs to pull out the majority of the damage. With a slide hammer to gradually pull out the dent, we used small, jab-like pulls to evenly get the dent out. Once the bigger part of the dent was out, we could get down to the finer details of the repair.

Using our push rods and interchangeable tips, we could slowly push up the damaged metal from under the panel. This was possible thanks to the access we had through the door frame. This stage takes time and patience – something that we at Premium Dent Repair are very proud of. With a repeated process of pushes and knockdowns, we were able to get the panel back to how it used to look in no time.

The before and after shots are a perfect way to showcase the brilliance of PDR and the Mustang was a perfect canvas to portray how paintless dent repair can be done on any vehicle. People are always looking to get value for their money and PDR is the way to do that when it comes to fixing your dent-riddled car.