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So Many Small Dents On This Challenger

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

So Many Small Dents On This Challenger

At Premium Dent Repair, we are always up for a challenge so when had a customer reach out to us to fix their badly dented Dodge Challenger, we got our stuff together and headed out. While fixing cars in the shop is convenient, there is another level of excitement when it comes to mobile repairs.

The Dodge Challenger is considered a durable muscle car and the customer wanted it to look its best without having to spend thousands of dollars on the repair. After examining the car, we were able to spot about 10 dents across the roof and body of the vehicle. Given that the dents were rather small, we knew we could get them out quickly and save the customer a lot of time and money.

First, we cleaned the surfaces properly so that we could start using our tools effectively. We used glue-pulling as the primary method of removing the dents and it only took a few pulls with the slide hammer to get most of them out. Once the majority of the damage was taken out, we used a blending hammer and a knockdown to fine-tune the repair. There were a couple of small dents on the trunk as well and were able to push those out with the help of a push rod and different tips. Since we were working outdoors, we had natural light to work with and didn’t need the PDR lights to get a better look.

After we got all the dents out, all we had to do was buff and polish the damaged panels and hand the car back to the customer. The repair was quick and easy and the customer was happy with the result. PDR was the perfect repair method for this car and it showcased how it can be used on any type of vehicle, and anywhere. Proper PDR can save you time and money while also maintaining your car’s value by retaining the original paint. Unlike PDR, traditional body shops would have removed all the damaged panels of this Challenger and repainted them resulting in a lengthy bill and the car would have been in the shop for more than a couple of days. PDR is quickly becoming the best choice for all dent-related repairs and at Premium Dent Repair, you will always get the best results.