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Subaru Fender Smash

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Subaru Fender Smash

Subaru Fender Smash

Paintless Dent Repair can be used for almost any kind of damage on a vehicle. It is not only limited to tiny dents from hail or the occasional runaway shopping card mishap. At Premium Dent Repair, we get all kinds of customers, just as the one that asked us to take a look at their 2018 Subaru Outback. The SUV has a big smash in the front right fender, which looked horrible.

Before we could get down to fixing the dent, we had to collect the information about the car. Fortunately, the customer was able to give us that information online so we could start estimating the office on Mobile Tech RX. Through the application, we could enter details such as the size of the dent, the depth of the dent, and other factors that go into fixing a dent. For this car, the dent was quite big at 6 inches and it had a medium depth. It was also on the edge of the panel which made it tougher to work on. It was also slightly obstructed and it was on a contour line, just some of the factors that help us make an accurate estimate.

People often believe that body line dents like this one cannot be fixed with Paintless Dent Repair, but that is quite the opposite. Big dents like this one look even better when removed and we were excited to get started on it.

We start the repair by cleaning the panel with isopropyl alcohol so that any residue is removed. This is essential when it comes to glue pulling because it allows the pull tabs to stick better and offers a stronger pull. For a big dent like this, we need a curved pull tab and a K-Bar from KECO to get the bulk of the dent out. We have to heat the panel and the tab so that they are easier to work with. With some hot glue, we stick the tab in the middle of the dent just below the body line, and using the K-Bar, we’re able to pull out the majority of the damage.

When using pull-tabs, it is important not to over pull. With smaller pulls, you can see how the repair is going and then go in with PDR tools to get the finish you want. In this case, we noticed that we could get another pull-in to remove a little more damage and it worked out great. Once that was done, we could get our PDR tools in to push out the remainder of the dent and knock down any crowns or high spots.

Paintless Dent Repair is quicker than traditional body shop repairs and saves your car from being sanded and repainted. This dent was removed and the customer didn’t have to wait for weeks for it to be fixed – it took just three hours.

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